Serena I Sailing South

There once was a family of fourIMG_1313
That loved to travel, sail, and explore.
Mom & Dad were avid racers
And great adventure chasers
Always hoping to give their children more…

IMG_1834Both parents had awesome work projects
Ever learning with challenging targets
On teams so energizing
Career goals were harmonizing
Was “now” time to chase their dream sunsets?

So much out there waiting to exploreIMG_3627
History, cultures, and creatures galore
But with work deliverables at a peak
No time to talk from week to week
How to share the departure news and more?

High school starting and health concerns risingIMG_3634
The adventure window is hastily closing
The decision has been made
One year plans have been laid
There will be no further surmising

July is the new departure windowpost
For this family to escape on their bateau
Only gone for a year
Please do not shed a tear
En espérant  vous “Cruiser” bientôt!

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