Getting Ready for the trip…..

I am often asked…where did the work start?  When did the preparation for this trip begin?  I guess it depends which aspect….if you are asking about when we decided we wanted to do this trip, I would have to say it was about 10 years before we met each other.  Both living parallel lives, unbeknownst to each other, as active racing sailors (one in tIMG_1834he catamaran fleet, the other in keelboats) both working for Bell Canada in different provinces, both owning homes as young investors…..we had a dream to “live/travel on a sailboat”.   Luckily, we met each other at a favourite pastime – the Montreal Jazz Festival – on June 27, 2003.  It was that evening that we realized we shared the same passion.  So, I guess we have been planning this trip since then….

The real planning began with the request in 2016 to our children’s school and the Commission Scolaire to do “homeschooling”.

Then, we had to clean out th002e house, knowing we could only take 1/100th of our possessions on the boat.  Many of our toys were given away…we even had a garage sale.

Then the packing and organizing….with the house being rented, we needed to put our belongings in 5 categories:  “boat”, “leave in house”, “storage”, “sell”, and “waste”.

For an organization freak, it is not easy living in a house full of boxes for months.IMG_0794IMG_0798

While Mama Bear and the kids were working at organizing the house, Papa Bear spent his weekends fixing up the boat:   sanding and repainting the bottom,  i001nstalling new plumbing, new bimini, new sails, changing the batteries, building new storage, installing solar panels with controller, cutting and installing new mattress, changing light fixtures to LED, installing battery charger booster….and the list goes on….

Unfortunately even when we are on the boat, this unending list of “to do’s” will grow ; – )