Long Island Sound

August 1

A hot day today…spent most of it at the pool at Shore and Country Club.  It hit 37C.

We took a quick tour of some nearby islands, a deserted lighthouse.  We have never seen so many shells in one place!   The kids went wild with their collection.  We also saw many large horseshoe crabs all over the place, washed up on the beach.  Unfortunately, it was at this point, that I dropped my camera.  It looked fine until I tried to close it.  The zoom on the shutter was no longer working – broken. Not sure how I will get another one quickly so I can take photos for our memories and blog….very disappointed with my lack of coordination.  Serena was the first to dive into the salt water.  Jeremy & Christian followed but quickly came out after a few baby jellyfish were spotted at the surface.

When we got back to the boat, we had a visitor….Sergio Boniche, a colleague from IBM, came with gifts from Joe Traders.  He had dinner with us and stayed until 23:00.  It was great to catch up with him!

August 2

A late morning, spent most of the morning fixing little things.  Kids went to pool.  After lunch some thunder-boomers made their presence, spoiling some of our plans.  Ended up in the safety of Ted and Keri O’Neil’s home for the rain and thunder.  Another wonderful evening of banter while the kids had fun together.



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3 thoughts on “Long Island Sound

  1. In the meantime, use the phone. The camera is likely not as good as the one you dropped, and it will still keep the digital record! Of course… keep it away from the water!! LOL

  2. So happy to see that the adventure has begun!! It’s wonderful that Sergio could stop by. Looking forward to reading of more adventures (with pictures?!) LOL

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