Crew / Équipage

CL_WEBCapt’n Chris

Ingénieur, entrepreneur, opérateur, financier mais aussi père attentionné!

Je suis tout ça mais surtout un passionné. J’entreprends tout ce que je fais avec énergie et c’est avec beaucoup de fébrilité et d’excitation que nous partageons avec vous ces moments d’aventure



First Mate: Catherine 

Sailor, scuba diver,  consultant / program manager, and most importantly Mother.
As a sailor and world traveler since childhood, the dream of living on a boat and exploring foreign lands has always intrigued me. As an adult, my backpacking took me to > 60 countries where I had the privilege to learn new cultures, partake in local rituals, marvel at endemic species, and even pick up bits of languages. Thanks to my education in International Marketing, I have been fortunate to continue discovering the world in my career. Now as I take a brief pause in my job as Travel policies manager in HR, I have a wonderful opportunity to share a special perspective of the world with my children.

I look forward to exploring new countries in addition to my roles as Teacher, Organizer, Chef, Co-navigator, and Care-giver/Shaman.  I encourage you to follow us in this adventure!


Second Mate: Serena

Third Mate: Jeremy