The trip plan / Le plan de voyage

As we know, all plans are made to be changed.  Knowing that we will continually be at the mercy of weather, the boat, our health, unanticipated events, etc., here is the high level plan that we have in mind:

July – August

  • Motor down the Hudson, from Plattsburgh, NY.  Raise the mast and begin sailing in Long Island Sound.  Discover the inlets/bays and treasure troves…maybe even Martha’s Vineyard?

September – October

  • Head south to explore the inlets of the Chesapeake, take in the Annapolis Boat show, visit some friends in Virginia and North Carolina.

November – December

  • We are hoping to be in Florida by mid-November if all goes well with the weather.  It would be ideal to cross over to Bahamas by early December.

December – January

  • Discovery of the Northern Bahamas and Exumas.  Path

February – March

Arriving in Turks & Caicos in late February with a quick trip down to the Dominican Republic.  Late March is the aim to be in Puerto Rico.

April – May

This is where our plan gets foggy due to our need to start heading back home.  Our desire is to make it down to the British Virgin Islands to see the Baths and Foxy (this time I will be of legal drinking age to have a brewski with him!).   We will need to be on our return trip by 3rd week of May.   However, heading north is a bit quicker due to the Gulf Stream, so it should not take us as long as it did to get south.